When will I receive my first box?

Your first box will ship within 3 business days from the date you first sign up*. In the following months, you will be billed on the monthly anniversary of your sign up date, and your box will ship within 3 business days of that date.

 For example, if you signed up on September 5th, you would be billed on that day and your first box would ship by September 8th. Your second billing date would occur on October 5th and your second box would ship by October 8th.


*Orders placed around major holidays may be delayed due to closures at the warehouse. 

Thanksgiving 2017 - Orders placed November 23rd - November 27th will ship the week of November 28th.

Christmas 2017 - Orders placed December 23rd - December 25th will ship the week of December 26th.


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