How does canceling an Annual Subscription work?

Canceling an Annual Subscription is the same as canceling a seasonal subscription. Simply click HERE to use our Cancellation Survey to finalize your request.

With the Annual Subscription, keep in mind that when you sign up, you prepay for the whole year (4 boxes), and your subscription renews one year later on the same day you originally signed up. When you request to cancel your Annual Subscription, you're canceling your renewal, not the remaining boxes (if there are any) you have in the current year you've already paid for.

For example, if you sign up for an Annual subscription on 1/01/2020, you will be charged for the whole year(4 boxes) on that date. Your renewal will be scheduled for 1/01/2021, at which time you will be charged again for the whole year (4 boxes) in advance. If you request to cancel prior to the 1/01/2021 renewal, you will cancel the renewal, not the prepaid boxes you already paid for on 1/01/2020. 

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