Why can't I access the Add-On sale?

Aloha! So, you tried to access your Beachly account for some Add-Ons but received the message: "We're sorry, you are not eligible to access the Add-On Sale at this time."? No worries, let's help you understand the possible reasons and how to resolve them. πŸ€—

It's possible you're encountering this message because you don't have a subscription order scheduled for the current season. A few reasons why this could happen include:

  • Skipping your order: If you previously skipped your order initially scheduled for the current season, it's now scheduled for next season, preventing you from shopping the Add-On Sale.
  • Cancelled membership: If you don't have an active membership, you won't be able to access the Add-On Sale.
  • Expired credit card: If your credit card expired and we couldn't process your most recent order, you wouldn't have an order scheduled for the current season.

To resolve these issues, please contact our Customer Service team and let them know the reason you believe is preventing you from accessing the Add-On sale. They'll be happy to assist you by adjusting your billing date, updating your credit card information, or helping in any other way possible.

If you're a new Beachly member who joined within the last week, you might not be able to access the current Add-On Sale because your order for the current season has already been processed. However, you'll be able to participate in the upcoming season's Add-On Sale. Welcome to the Beachly family! 🌊😊

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