When am I charged?

Your credit card will first be charged at the time you join Beachly.

For the Seasonal Membership, in subsequent months, you will be charged 3 months following your most recent charge. For example, if you join on September 5th (Fall Box), your second charge will be on December 5th (Winter Box), your third charge will be on March 5th (Spring Box) and so on.

For the Annual Membership, you are charged once per year for all 4 boxes on the same month and day. For example, if you join on September 5th, 2019, you'll be charged at that time for 4 boxes (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer), and you will renew the next year on September 5th, 2020. While the charge date may change slightly due to operational needs, each charge will fall within the same season each year unless you request to skip or move a charge date. 

If you're not sure when you signed up, and would like to find out when your next renewal is scheduled for, you can contact Membership Services and ask them, or you can do so by logging in to your Beachly account. Follow the instructions below to login to your account and check your delivery schedule.

- CLICK HERE to login to your Beachly account. Use the email and password you used when you signed up.

- After you've logged in, scroll down and click "Manage Subscriptions".

- Then click "Delivery Schedule" from the options on the left. From here you can see when your next deliveries/renewals are scheduled for.

You can cancel anytime and you have the option to skip a box whenever you like. CLICK HERE to get in touch with our Member Services Team if you need help with your next charge. 

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