How do I update my shipping address?

Updating your shipping address from the Member Dashboard is easy! First, head to our website and login to your account here:


Once you are logged in, click the Manage Subscriptions tab to the left:


Then you can click the "Edit Subscription" button next to the subscription you want to update. Once you do this, you will see the option to click EDIT under the Shipping Address column. Go ahead and click the edit button and update to your current shipping address.


You will get a prompt that asks if you want to set this as your default address. Click YES if you want to use this address for all orders going forward, or you can click NO if you only want one box sent to the address.


Once you do this, your address will be updated and you will be all set! 


note: shipping addresses cannot be changed once your box has already shipped, but they can be adjusted for all future orders.

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